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The Africana Studies Review (ASR) is an annual publication of the Center for African and African American Studies at Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO), in collaboration with the Office of Title III Program.  

 The journal solicits research across the entire range of topics encompassing the domain of African and African American Studies (broadly construed). ASR particularly welcomes manuscripts on critical issues in black history, politics, law, education, religion, social organization, economics, creative production, psychology, and sociology, as well as empirical and theoretical papers that advance social scientific research on the global experience of African people. 

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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2021): Africana Studies Review - Spring 20`21
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Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue of the Africana Studies Review! When we entered 2020, none of us knew what the year would hold. We now find ourselves one year into a global pandemic, seeking to return to life “as usual” while, at the same time, questioning just what “usual” is and if it is truly a place to which we want to return. In this space, we find that the topic of Africana Studies is more salient than ever. This issue includes perspectives from multiple disciplines within our field including sociology, literature and film studies, religious studies, legal studies, and history and considers topics from the meanings of place and space to ghosts, zombies, and ancestors. Each highlights an aspect of Africana lived existence—some joyous, some painful—and ultimately invites us to examine the “usual” with new eyes.

Published: 2021-06-01
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